Green Country Cinemas is an independently and locally owned movie theater established in Tahlequah, Oklahoma in 1999. 

6 Screens
Real D Feature Film Capability
Online Ticketing (Now Available)
Digital Surround Sound
Private Party Theater Rentals
Traditional Theater Concessions
Handicap Seating
Free Parking

Rated R Policies
*Keep all ticket stubs to Rated R movie. An usher will check the ticket to ensure all customers are allowed into the movie. Each person admitted into the theater will need a ticket stub to get into the theater. If no ticket stub is present, no admittance.

*Anyone who is under the age of 17 cannot buy tickets to a Rated R show unless tickets are purchased by a person above the age of 21, proof of age required (anyone who had tickets purchased for them will be on a zero tolerance policy.  Any activity deemed as inappropriate or disturptive by management will result in being asked to leave with no refund. We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone).

*Anyone caught trying to sneak into a Rated R movie that does not have a ticket to that movie will be asked to leave.

*Anyone who is under the age of 17 will not be admitted into a Rated R show after 9:00pm unless accompanied by a legal parent or guardian.

*No children under the age of 5 will be allowed into a Rated R auditorium.

*Anyone under the age of 25 will be asked for proof of age before buying tickets to a Rated R film.

Box Office Hours

The box office opens 30 minutes before the first movie of the day and closes 30 minutes after the last movie sold.

Outside Food and Drink

Please refrain from bringing outside food and beverage items into the theatre. In the long run, this will only increase the price of admission.

Recording Devices

Please refrain from bringing recording devices into the theater. Not only is this against Federal Law, it is distracting to those around you. Anyone caught with recording a film will be subject to arrest.

Cell Phones

Please refrain from using your cell phone during the duration of the movie.  Having your cell phone out during a movie is extremely distracting and rude to the people around you. Anyone using a cell phone during a movie will first be asked to put it away. Continued use will result in ejection from the theater. Please help us with this problem. If someone is using their cell phone, find someone who works here so we can act accordingly.


After 5 minutes, if a movie has not been sold too, we will not show the movie for that set.
We do have the right to refuse service to anyone with no refund. We want to provide you with the best experience possible. Follow these simple rules and we will do our part to give you the best experience possible.


Green Country Cinemas is always looking for qualified, enthusiatic people that would like to join our team. Fill out an application today!



Showtime Line (918) 431-1184
Office Line (918) 431-1342